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The Rev'd Dr. William Ingle-Gillis,
Ministry Area Leader (Designate);
Parish Priest for Maindee & Lliswerry

Originally from Texas, growing up there and in Georgia, Father Will has lived in the UK for 25-odd years … the lion's share of that in this part of Wales. Ordained in 2004, he served his curacy in nearby Caldicot, then his first incumbency from 2008 in the Caerwent Parish Group — later expanded as the Wentwood Ministry Area. The father of two children and four step-children (and servant of two cats!), Will is married to the Rev'd Sally Ingle-Gillis, who leads the Usk Ministry Area. In a previous life, Will has taught pastoral studies and ethics to ordinands, and currently serves as a vocations advisor in Monmouth Diocese. In his spare time, he enjoys science fiction of all types, country music, tinkering with computers and a/v equipment, dark dark humour, and languages. He is also known to smoke Texas-style briskets and Georgia-style pork shoulders on a Weber Smokey Mountain bullet smoker.

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The Rev'd David Matthews, Vicar;
Parish Priest for St. Julian's & Alway

Father David is a Dubliner with a good sense of humour who, in 1996, was ordained priest in Ireland. Before marrying Wendy, he was a monk for many years and now, as a priest oblate, he continues the contemplative life. Before ordination, he was an interpreter and a university lecturer in France, then worked in Ireland as an Inspector in Modern Languages. In 1997, Father David left Ireland for Newport as Bishop's Chaplain at the Cathedral. In 2001, he took up incumbency in Marshfield & St. Bride's Wentloog, as well as serving as liturgical advisor to the DAC, Mothers' Union chaplain, and vocations advisor. In 2012, he landed in St. Julian's and now, alongside parish work, Father David leads retreats and offers spiritual direction and ministry supervision to UK clergy and laity. He is a member of the Provincial Discernment Panel for Ordained Ministry, a leader of formational cells with ministry candidates, and he assist with post-ordination training. He's also a visiting lecturer in applied theology at St. Padarn's. He loves coffee, working out … and a bit of furniture restoration.

The Rev'd Sue Pratten, Vicar;
Acting Area Dean for Newport & Bassaleg;
Parish Priest for Caerleon

Sue is …

The Rev'd Linda Batt, Vicar;
Parish Priest for Lliswerry & Maindee

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The Rev'd Samuel Helkvist, Vicar;
Parish Priest for Alway & St. Julian's

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The Rev'd Stephen Blewett, Vicar;
Parish Priest for Christchurch

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