Life Events &
Pastoral Services

At all those key moments, we are here. 


Baptism is a celebration of God-given life in which we publicly declare our faith in Christ, together with prayers of blessing and the pouring of water — the physical source of life. Together, these become a mark of God’s great love and blessing upon all who wish to join the Christian community, and publicly names those persons children of God. 

Marriage & Blessings

The joining of two persons in life-long, loving union is a cause of great celebration for us as well as for you. We are pleased to be able to celebrate holy matrimony, as well as to bless civil marriages (including same-sex in the Church in Wales), or to celebrate significant anniversaries with a blessing and renewal of vows. 


One of our great privileges as the church is to be able to offer the life of your loved one into God’s care at its end, and to minister to you in your mourning. Here we seek to give you compassionate care, to honour and celebrate your loved one’s life, and to offer a generous message of hope that God continues to honour, treasure, and hold your loved one close to himself. 

Healing Prayers

Christians believe that faith is a true source of healing and wholeness, and we offer both public services for healing and, if you would like, private prayers.  We can also offer anointing with holy oil which has been blessed and which serves as a physical, visible sign of God’s healing Spirit being present with those we are praying for.  We all need healing sometimes, and we seek to walk with you in your journey. 

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