Website & Social Media

If we’ve learnt anything during lockdown, it’s that the world-wide web and social media are vital tools for church, particularly in reaching the (relatively) younger generations and those who are either unable to attend church or else wish to dip their toe in gently and (to their thinking) safely. YouTube channels and and Facebook broadcasts have been a lifeline to congregations this year, and an easy entryway to those who’ve been frightened or lonely or desperate for prayer. In the last few weeks, therefore, we have begun to put an online presence in place for the BMA. This includes a website that is nearly complete in basic form, a Facebook page which is live and developing, and Twitter and Instagram accounts which are online but still in development:

To be sure: there is no desire to take away from the hard work that some of our parishes have done online already. Although we aim to to help churches whose websites and social media are not so well developed, those who already have a strong online presence will continue as before. It’s not an either/or thing. However, we do wish to make available in one place the news and thinking from all our sister churches and from the ministry area as a whole — and to foster cross-pollination of thinking, hope, and prayer. We encourage you to follow us and to engage us in what we hope will be a genuine, ongoing, evolving online conversation.